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A modern website asks for usage of the most modern program solutions. Our specialists have a wide experience in production of different web-appendices. They will be able to adapt traditional elements to your resource – guest book, reviews, forum, chat, polls, - as well as more complicated ones – search on the server, Internet-store, the system of managing of the content, data bases and other interactive systems.

The experience of the usage of dynamic web-systems showed that from the point of view of time and material expenses the renewing of informational filling with Your own powers could be more efficient. That is why there are produced administration systems for the owners of website that allows to renew the information, add sections, change price-lists, news, vacancies etc. without inviting workmen from the side. These systems are called 

CMS (Content System Manager).

Website with CMS (Content Management System) - it is a website with a system that gives the opportunity to renew the information on the website unaided. It is also possible to order a catalogue of production, data base, online-ordering, polls, reviews. All of this is provided to make Your Internet resource a really useful working instrument. 


Internet is becoming the biggest market place of the world. Internet-stores report about the next growth of sales’ volumes, and expected growth of the market for many can serve as a signal for creating their own electronic business.  Our company creates “an electronic store behind a key”.

Internet-store - that is a “Corporative presentation” + the catalogue of all your goods: photographs, description, model, price. You can also add new sections to the catalogue, as well as products (Photographs, descriptions, prices), to delete the incurrent.  Internet-store is equipped with a system that automatically sends the basket with the goods / services chosen by the visitor to his or hers e-mail.

Concerning orders for manufacturing of a website or other our services You can address by phone +371 7285098, by fax +371-7285010 or by electronic mail.

Website “Business class” 

The term of execution – 2..4 weeks. (from the day of receiving of all the necessary information)

Basic parts: 3 languages (RUS, LAT, ENG) * layout system CMS (that means You Yourself can change the information in the time of a year), the news of the company (a wider version of the dynamic page – pictures, guests’ archive, feed-back (form for writing a request to the address of Your company).

Proposition includes: hosting (layout) for a year, 3 mail boxes (for a year), system of statistics, name of domain (in the zone of .lv / .com / .biz / .net / .org / .ru) for a year.

* The services of translator are not included in the price.

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