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The speed and efficiency of function of the website depends on how and where has is been placed (hosting). The company Eurodata offers a reliable, qualitative hosting for Your website and its registration on the Internet network, giving it any (after your choice) name of domain (of course, if the name of domain is not already taken).

- so that we could receive visitors on our website in any time of the year and day. You can choose the most fitting tariff plan for Your project – depending on the resource capacities and what web-technologies are involved in it.

 Recommendations for selection of tariff sheme  

If Your web-project does not consume a lot of resources and does not use a data base (usually they are such a type of resources as business cards and personal pages), You will, most probably need the Econom tariff plan.   

If Your project uses MySQL or PostgreSQL data bases (in that kind of projects there are always used such interactive modules as guest books, polls and forums), You need to choose a tariff plan that is no less than Business

If You need remarkable disc resources, if You plan on using SSL protocol (it is usually used in commercial projects), if You need a bigger amount of mail accounts and sub domains (they can be corporative portals, big catalogues of production, Internet stores), the choice should fall on the tariff plan Ultra

If You have troubles with the choice – consult with us, we will gladly answer all of Your questions and help You choose the optimal tariff plan.

 You can address by phone  +371- 7285098, by fax +371-7285010 or write to e-mail.  

The registration of domains  

We register domain names in zones .LV,  .RU, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO. When you order a domain, You become its full-fledged owner – we register the name of the domain only to the name of the client. The price of the name of domain for a year – 30 EUR.

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